T2MTU: Quick Quiz Entry (via Respondus)

If you’ve ever tried to create an auto-grading assessment in Canvas quickly, you know that it can be a finicky and time-consuming process. However, there is a possible shortcut.

In this week’s Tuesday Tune Up, I’m showing you the way I can create Canvas quizzes quickly, using my computer’s Notes program, and then a tool called Respondus Test Generator.

(Note: You likely do not have Respondus on your computer, but you can always send the quiz document to ID3 and we can quickly convert it for you; or you can put in a request to have Respondus added to your computer.)

Watch the video below, or keep scrolling to learn more.

Quick Canvas Quiz Creation (via Respondus)

  • Step One: Open a new Notes or Word Document on your computer.
    (Preferably something that can save to a .txt file, but a Word Document will work, too.)
    • Click HERE to download a ready-to-use template!
  • Step Two: Add your multiple choice and true/false questions using the format shown below:
1. Question prompt goes here. (e.g. In what state is Francis Tuttle located?)
A. Nebraska
B. Iowa
*C. Oklahoma (put an asterisk in front of the letter of the correct answer)
D. Arkansas

[make sure to include several blank lines between each question]
  • Step Three: For any Fill in the Blank, Matching, or Multiple Response questions, you will need to add a “Type” indicator before EACH question.
    • For Fill in the Blank questions, add “Type: F” before each question.
    • For Matching questions, add “Type: MT” before each question.
    • For Multiple Response (“check all that apply”) questions, add “Type: MR” before each question.

The following question formatting example is for a fill in the blank question, which includes a question followed by all possible correct responses.

Type: F
4. Question text (e.g. What is the mascot of Francis Tuttle?)
a. purple duck
b. duck
c. the purple ducks

Note: Here is a what the Fill in the Blank Question above will look like, once converted via Respondus and added into Canvas:

  • Step Four: If you do not have Respondus Quiz Generator on your computer, you will need to send your completed TXT or DOC file to your ID3 specialist. Make sure to let your specialist know which course you need the quiz added to. If the file is formatted correctly, it can be converted with Respondus and added to your Canvas course within minutes!

Contact ID3 : Tami Carlos | Amanda | Whitley | Shawn

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