T2MTU: Gradebook History

February 28, 2023
by: Amanda Dills

If you need to troubleshoot or review something in your Canvas Gradebook, the Gradebook History page can be a great place to start. This page shows a record of every grade that has been entered or edited within your gradebook.

Click on the video below, or keep scrolling for a tutorial.

Viewing Grade History in Canvas

Step 1: Go to the Canvas gradebook for the course in question.

Step 2: Click on the “Gradebook” drop-down menu, and select Gradebook History.

It might take a moment for the page to load, but eventually the Grade History should populate on the screen, similar to what is shown below. Notice the filter fields at the top of the screen that allow you limit visible records by student, grader, assignment, or date.

Please contact ID3 if you have specific questions or need help troubleshooting a grading issue in your course!

Contact ID3 : Tami Carlos | Amanda | Whitley | Shawn

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