T2MTU: Adding a GIF

by Amanda Dills

Since it is Valentine’s Day, I thought it would be fun to share an easy way you can give your students a fun Valentine GIF within your course.

Click on the video below, or keep scrolling for written directions:

Adding a GIF to a Canvas Page

  • Step One: Find the GIF you want to add.
    My favorite site for this is https://www.tenor.com.
    Use the search bar to find an image you like; then click on that image to bring up its dedicated page.
  • Step Two: Right click on the image, and select “Copy.”
  • Step Three: Open up the Rich Content Editor (Edit Mode) for the Page/Announcement/Assignment/etc. where you want to add the GIF.
  • Step Four: Paste the GIF you copied into the content editor and save.

If you want to add a gif file that you have saved to your computer, or from another website, the copy and paste function might not work. (Which is another reason I like using tenor.com!)

If that is the case, you can save the gif to your computer as a file, and then use the “Upload Image” button to add the gif to the page.

If you have problems, or want help adding a different type of content into Canvas, let us know!

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